ChatZum Toolbar

ChatZum Toolbar

Application for displaying enlarged versions of photos uploaded on Facebook
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ChatZum Toolbar is an application developed by ChatZum for Facebook users. It will help them save time when it comes to viewing photos on Facebook. It is extremely easy to use and grants exceptional results.

Thus, after the installation of this toolbar, you can scroll your mouse along the list with your Facebook friends, and the application will show you magnified images of their profile photos. When they upload photos, you can place the mouse cursor on the photo displayed on your Facebook timeline and ChatZum will show you the enlarged version of that photo. Therefore, you will no longer need to browse through their albums or to visit their pages to see their photos at their best resolution. This is an efficient way to save precious time and energy.

ChatZum Toolbar works for videos as well, but in this case it will only show you the enlarged thumbnail of the video.

In consequence, once you've installed ChatZum Toolbar you will be able to see the enlarged photos and videos uploaded by your Facebook friends by a simple scroll of the mouse. ChatZum Toolbar is compatible with all the popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Above all, it is free of charge, so it's definitely worth giving it a try.

Jessie Hodgson
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